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About INK Clothing:

Born in 2005 and raised in Glasgow, INK was one of the first UK DIY clothing companies. The company was created during the first wave of emerging online apparel business’s. We started out back in the day with just five t-shirt designs, selling them to family and friends. We created some more designs and sold them online, added some more and sold them at trade shows. Our journey to 2014 has been a tough one but strength and resilience are the two words the company lives by, both in the quality of our designs and products but also in the way we tackle the obstacles life has thrown up during our nine year existence. We’ve made friends that have supported us, contacts who have helped us, worked with people who have inspired us and hopefully somehow created something that might inspire others. We’ve never done anything for profits but just for the love of being involved with an industry that excites us.

We’ve had the fortune to be involved with different projects over the years, but one we’ve always been excited about and proud to continue working on is the Lyrics range project. Created by EMI publishing, the range includes designs based on Lyrics by artists signed to the label. Each design try’s to capture both the meaning of the song and also the style of the artist. To see how the range is getting on just click the ‘Lyrics’ button in the header to launch the current catalogue. For Wholesale enquires contact Charlie Lloyd (email below).